Who is Rick Pearce ?

Before moving to San Diego, Rick was raised in Ft. Laurderdale, Florida. He studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Florida where he received a degree in Design & Applied Arts. He moved to San Diego in the early 80s where he got married and raised two kids. He got offered a job as a graphic designer at the San Diego Union Tribune. He moved up quickly in the ranks and became a senior graphic designer and work for the Tribune for almost 24 years. Now with the newspaper business crumbling the San Diego Union Tribune had to resort to massive layoffs. Now Rick Pearces works as a freelance graphic designer and contact consultant.

Rick’s area of expertise includes small business branding, packaging, web graphics, print ads, and promotional materials. I develop complete visual branding strategies for all kinds of industries from startups to creative and everything in between. By providing exceptional logo design, web development and graphic design I am able to establish an identity that tells a compelling visual story about your business. Feel free to browse & enjoy my portfolio.