How our process works

We start with a kickoff meeting. We call this the ‘discovery session’. In this one to two hour meeting, the client tells us everything we need to know about their company, including its goals and vision. Ahead of time, we prepare a questionnaire that we use during the meeting. This helps the client to describe every facet of their company so we can understand the full picture, such as the company’s challenges, competition, strengths and more


With all the information gathered from the discovery meeting, we conduct our own in-depth research. We will look at what is out there, what others are doing and what is missing from our client’s offering. This research helps us form a strategic road map that will ultimately lead to the right look and feel for the company.


Today, more than ever, a brand’s story is its most essential element. Told in the right way, this story becomes a strategic asset that forms the bridge between the company, its product and the consumer, who might be millennials, health conscious adults, men, women or any other demographic.


Once we have established the brand’s story and tone, we focus on the look and feel. Here we create all the visual design assets and often make different version that are inspired by the company’s core identity. All the visual identities will take into account how the brand will grow and evolve in the future.


After we have finalized the identities, we present them to the client. Together, we walk through the various options and explain our strategic thought process so that the client can chose the perfect branding solution for their company.